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Youthful Skin Tips: Eat the Right Foods

Skin is that “tell-all” organ! It announces to the world if we didn’t sleep well, if we didn’t cleanse well, if we forgot to moisturize, if we were in the sun too long—and it keeps telling our story for years!  Suddenly we look in the mirror with astonishment: wrinkles, bags, hollows, discolorations! What on earth …

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Night Sweats—Swimming in Your Sleep? (part 2)

Sweaty-Betty™ here.  Let’s talk more about that favorite night time experience of menopause: night sweats! So, in addition to the four causes we discussed last time, I want to give you four more known causes of night sweats: Infections.  Not your run-of-the-mill infections but BAD ones cause night sweats, like: HIV, tuberculosis, and inflammation of …

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